_ Identidad y Espacio Público [Identity and Public Space]

Editorial Gedisa

ISBN 978-84-9784-836-7 _ Ed. 2014 _ Pgs. 320 _ Lang. Spanish

This book talks about the identity processes in the configuration of the urban space and the identity as the catalyst of the public space, trying to contribute to the open debate. From a multidisciplinary point a view, this academic book focuses over the importance of identity and public space before the challenges of the third millennium. This work gives us diverse actualised theoretical and methodological approaches, widening areas and academic practices of the social and human sciences, like architecture, urbanism and geography. It also gives us new points of view from an ecological, an environmental and gerontological psychological standpoint, useful for searchers, professionals and politicians, all concerned by the urban and spatial planning. This published proposal brings together heterogeneous geographic and cultural scopes of Europe and Latin America.