_ ALVAR AALTO. Una arquitectura dialógica [A dialogical architecture]

Edicions UPC

ISBN 84-8301-679-6 _ Ed. 2002 _ Pgs. 183 _ Lang. Spanish

The book maps out the complete architectural work of the Finnish master Alvar Aalto, dedicated to the design and construction of ephemeral pavilions and temporal expositions. They were elaborated/assembled from multiples resources, crossovers and junctions of every possible sources: art, history, sociology, psychology, vernacular architecture, philosophy, modern architecture, anthropology, landscape/the surrondings, materiality, etc. In this process, the best and most used way to synthesize the multiplicity of the contents that persist on his work will be the re-description of the place throughout metaphors. The kind of architecture that portrays/depicts/configures the work of Alvar Aalto had its own experimental laboratory in the field of ephemeral work, an emerging source of a mind and design process.